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Moodle at Otago Polytechnic

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Web Resources

Moodle is the LMS currently used at Otago Polytechnic (OP), more precisely the version we use is Moodle 1.9. There are later versions available, each being an improvement on previous versions. The very latest version is Moodle 2.4. please be aware that some resources that you may view online may refer to later versions of Moodle and that some features and functionality may not be available in our current version at OP.

What exactly is Moodle? It is an acronym for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. What exactly does this mean? To answer this question, please visit the e-Learning and Moodle Essentials website.

  • A really useful resource for you to learn about using Moodle in your teaching is's Moodle 2.5 Essential Training for Teachers. The site has almost three hours of video clips to help you learn to use our current version of Moodle.
  • Moodle at Otago Polytechnic is supported by OPOnline, who have put together plenty of technology-related resources, including OP Moodle Guidebooks and good practice guidelines for teaching online, on their Staff Educational Technology Support page. On this page, you will also find a list of Moodle champions of which there should be at least one in your School. These champions are very knowledgeable and will be happy to help you with any Moodle-related questions.
  • The OP Staff Educational Technology Support page also has a list of frequently-asked questions (FAQ) which you should access when you first have a question related to Moodle. If you get stuck, please follow the procedure outlined at the top of the Staff Educational Technology Support page.