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An overview of the most commonly used LMSs

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There are many LMSs currently in use in higher education, but the most commonly used ones are Moodle and Blackboard. Moodle is an open-source LMS whereas Blackboard is a commercial LMS. Commercial LMSs cost more, but an open-source LMS allows maintenance and development by an organisation's own IT personnel.
  • A poster presented by Li in 2008 will give you a quick idea of some of the differences between Moodle and Blackboard. Make a list of at least two differences between these two LMSs that are obvious from the poster summary.
  • The Edudemic website ranks the twenty most commonly-used LMSs. Notice that Moodle and Blackboard are in the top three (the second-ranked LMS, Edmodo, is used more in schools in the USA and you have to create an account before having a look at their website.