Foundation Skills/Developing an assessment/Summary

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At the end of this topic you should have achieved the following outcomes. You will have:
  • Developed an understanding of a range of question types used in assessment tasks.
  • Understood the role and importance of using appropriate action verbs when designing assessment questions.
  • Understood the value of using Bloom's Revised Taxonomy when designing assessment questions.
  • Reflected on the factors that can influence the design of assessment tasks.
  • Explored ways of ensuring that assessment expectations are communicated to students.
  • Understood the difference between a marking scheme and a rubric.
  • Designed a short assessment task.
  • Developed a basic rubric.

For those participants that are enrolled in the Foundation Skills course through Otago Polytechnic, you would have submitted evidence for the last two outcomes via the appropriate Moodle assignment activity. in addition, your rubric for the last outcome will have been developed using Rubistar.

Another big topic, so well done if you've managed to complete everything!