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Water lecture in SL. Image by Merle Hearns. CC By


To provide a greater understanding of key terms relating to the water cycle, an appreciation of water bodies, water pollution and how water bodies can be purified


•Understand the meanings of the terms: evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation
•Contribute ideas and use strategies to compare and evaluate information presented
•Make notes on the parameters used to monitor water quality (temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen) & the process for purifying water bodies


•Student workbook for Level 2, Project 4 - 'Why do we need water?'
•Access to Second Life (SL) with headsets
•YouTube links for Lake Savers & Genesis Project video on Mahopac HS main page: [1]

The Center for Water Studies sim in SL. Image by Merle Hearns. CC By


•Brainstorm questions on water, water quality & the purification of water in lakes & streams
•Prelog computers into SL with an avatar ready
•Students select a computer, familiarise themselves with moving, sitting, walking, zooming in, using text & voice chat
•Introduce guest speaker Jack Mosel (Earth Science teacher from Webutuck High School, former teacher at Mahopac High School & joint owner of Lake Savers - contact Jack on Facebook)
•Watch two videos, then a 20 minute interactive session with Jack using in-world PowerPoint
•Visit to Better World: The Centre for Water Studies sim dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of water habitats [2]
•Discuss presentation, visit, & give feedback in groups, then complete notes


•Check as students ask and answer questions in the session – all students must participate at least once
•Notes submitted for checking of Literacy note-taking competency (Project work in foundation is competency based)
•Final project portfolio report on an aspect of water that has been researched