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To provide the scaffolding so that students are able to write a Personal Statement that could be incorporated into their CVs for use as a health professional. (Originally this lesson was prepared as part of a project on 'A Future in Healthcare' - Section Three, Task 4 of Project 1, Manukau Institute of Technology, but could be adapted to suit many different scenarios.) Note: This is often a difficult task for students who are self-effacing and lack confidence.


•Construct a list of personal positive qualities and skills
•Write a personal statement for inclusion in a CV (complete Project 1, Section Three, Task 4)


•Student workbook for Project 1 - 'A Future in Healthcare', Manukau Institute of Technology
•Butcher paper & pen sets
•Material envelopes, small pieces of paper, pins


Activity 1: In groups students think about their own experiences with nurses – what are the qualities a good nurse needs? Represent these on the butcher paper
•Check out some of the inspirational stories on the Daisy Foundation – groups can add to their papers any extra ideas
Activity 2: Motivational Group Game – each student wears a material envelope on his/her back – each member writes the good qualities he/she sees in every other member of the group & puts the papers in the envelope on the student’s back. Students then read the papers in their envelopes
•Tie the activities together – list qualities they have that others see in them as well as good nursing qualities they see in themselves
•Review a good paragraph & have students write their personal qualities into a statement


•Formative checkpoints where groups produce a visual set of good nursing qualities, & where individuals put together lists of personal qualities
•Completed Task 4