Food Microbiology

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Food microbiology deals with microbes that are associated with food they include bacteria, viruses and fungi

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it aims at exposing the students to relevance of microorganisms in food science and technology

Chapter and their details

chapter 1: Food bacteria

  • Gram positive bacteria
  • Gram negative bacteria


chapter 2: Food viruses

  • RNA related viruses
  • DNA related viruses

chapter 3: Food fungi

  • Moulds
  • Yeasts

chapter 4: Food related illnesses

  • Food borne illnesses
  • water borne illnesses

chapter 5: International food rules and regulations

  • WHO regulations
  • FAO regulations
  • Codex alimentaris reglations
  • Food and Drug act

Food microbiology

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Food microbiology is a very important course because microorganisms are widespread in the enviroment and they interact with food all the time that is food handling and preservation should be done in view of food microbiology for safety purposes