Food & Beverage Service Syllabus

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The syllabus for Food and Beverage Services for Development of OER in Vocational Education

1 Introduction to the Food & Beverage Industry

Growth of Tourism Industry.

Types of Hotels

Classification of Catering Establishments (Commercial & Non-Commercial)

Food & Beverage Operations (Types of F&B Outlets in Hotels)

Employment opportunities in Hospitality Industry with special emphasis on Food & Beverage Service.

2 Food & Beverage Service Personnel

Hierarchical Structure of Food and Beverage Service Staff with job Profile in various F&B outlets.

Attitudes & Attributes of Food & Beverage personnel, competencies.

Importance of hygiene in Food & Beverage Service

Basic Etiquettes

Interdepartmental relationship

3 Food & Beverage Service Equipment

Types & Usage of Equipment - Furniture, Chinaware, Silverware. Glassware, Linen & Disposables,Special Equipment

Role of Kitchen stewarding department.

Dishwashing -I. Manual.II. Machine.

Care & maintenance of equipment (Polishing methods of silverware and stainless steel.)

4 Menu knowledge


Types –Ala Carte & Table D’hote

Menu Planning, considerations and constraints

Menu Terms.

Classical French Menu.

Classical Foods & its Accompaniments with Cover.

Table setting & laying of cover.

Rules for waiting at a Table.

5 Control Methods

Necessity and functions of a control system,

Billing Methods – Duplicate & Triplicate System, KOTs & BOTs, Computerized KOTs (Kitchen Order Ticket, Beverage Order Ticket)

Flow chart of KOT

Presentation of bill.

6 Types of Food & Beverage Service

Table Service –English / Silver, American, French, Russian Self Service – Buffet & Cafeteria

Specialized Service – Gueridon, Tray, Trolley, Lounge,Room service, Buffet service and Banquet procedures etc.

Single Point Service – Take Away, Vending Kiosks, Food Courts & Bars, Automats

Mis-en-place & Mis-en-scene

7 Breakfast Service –

Types of Breakfasts.


Cover Set up.

Service Procedure.

8 Beverages-


Classification into Non Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverages

Preparation & service of tea & coffee