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How It Works

for Performers & Musicians

  • performers are asked to perform' approx. 10 minutes of their work, for the group
  • no payment to performers
    • (in special cases, a headliner may receive a nominal fee)
  • A-Z Listing
Photo - (.jpg format, resized to 300 pixels please!)
short bio 1-2 paras), photo
link to website
performance / music genre
  • publicity - in emails, website, event, other
  • presence in top 88,000 website (Source:
considerable marketing and exposure nationally, internationally and locally (on a top 85,000 website)

Venue & Equipment

  • performers provide their equipment.
  • performers responsible for sound checks - please arrive 30 min. before you go on.
  • we are seeking a venue, with speakers, (electric piano), mikes and mixing board.

for Charities

  • all donations go to the selected charity, for the month

for Community Members

  • we will have a nominal cover charge -- all proceeds which will go to the selected charity. Of course, you are free to donate more, and we'll check with the charity to check about obtaining a charitable tax receipt for amounts over $20-$25.
  • if we're in a restaurant, please do order food and/or drinks.

Words, Phrases

  • social
  • space
  • stage
  • showcase
  • commons
  • connects
  • culture
  • life
  • media
  • mobile
  • performs