Fishing Trawler(part one)

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The Fishing Trawler is an exciting, yet relaxing minigame that any runescape accounts above level 15 Fishing can it means you dont need to power leveling your skill much and you can do the quest. It is a members only minigame. This minigame is a good source to gain Fishing experience. It is the only source of certain "rare" fish, including the Manta Ray and the Sea Turtle. You may play this minigame with friends, in a group or even by yourself! The main world for this minigame is World 116.

Getting There

The Fishing Trawler minigame is found in Port Khazard. There are many ways to get to this location, here are the most common:

1. Watchtower Teleport

requires Watchtower Quest completed in order to use this method.Teleport to the Watchtower with 2 Earth Runes and 2 Law Runes and follow the red line to walk to Port Khazard.

2. Spirit Tree

requires Tree Gnome Village completed to use this method.Use any Spirit Tree on RuneScape and teleport to the Battlefield. Afterwards, walk to Port Khazard by following the blue line.

3. Ardougne Teleport

requires Plague City completed to use this method.Teleport to Ardougne with 2 Water Runes and 2 Law Runes, then follow the pink line to Port Khazard.

4. Fairy Ring DJP

requires Fairy Tale Part II started to use this method.Use the Fairy Ring Code "DJP" to teleport just north of Port Khazard, and then walk there by following the yellow line. You need a Dramen staff or a Lunar staff to use the fairy rings.

5. Khazard Teleport

requires Lunar Diplomacy completed to use this method.Teleport yourself or a group to Port Khazard using the Khazard (Group) Teleport. This teleport will use 2 Astral Runes, 2 Law Runes and 4 or 8 Water Runes and is in the Lunar Spellbook. Follow the green path.

6. Charter Ship

Charter a ship from a place on RuneScape and pay a small fee to be taken to Port Khazard. After, take a small walk to the minigame by following the orange line.


The only requirement is that you must have at least level 15 Fishing. The higher your Fishing level, you will catch more fish, and they will be of better ll need to get some runescape gold with you while you doing this.