First aid for arboriculture

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Please refer to page 35 of the Approved Code of Practice for Safety and Health in Tree Work - Part 1: * Arboriculture Note the 6 minimum requirements for adequate first aid readiness.

  1. All arboriculture operations must have at least 1 person with current first aid certification from either St Johns, Red Cross or other recognised (OSH) first aid training provider.
  2. A fully stocked first aid kit must be at every work site
  3. First aid kits will be stored so as to ensure the contents are protected against contamination by dust, heat, moisture or any other element.
  4. Specific environments and situations may require additional first aid items for which an inspector's advise should be sort.
  5. In the event of an accident a seriously injured person shall not be moved, but made comfortable, until qualified medical advice is available.
  6. At a minimum, a first aid kit for up to 10 will contain:
  • Individually wrapped triangular bandages x 2
  • Individually wrapped roller bandages x 2
  • Individually wrapped sterile dressings (non-adhesive) x 5
  • Individually wrapped sterile eye pads with attachment x 4
  • Individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings x 5
  • Individually wrapped sterile wound dressings (non-medicated) (a) medium x 1 (b) large x 2
  • Safety pins x 6
  • Disposable gloves x 2 pairs
  • Card listing local emergency numbers
  • List of minimum contents of kit
  • Basic first aid notes (e.g. St John, Red Cross)
  • Hepatitis B/Aids notice on first aid box
  • Resusci-aid mask
  • If tap water is not available, sterile water or sterile normal saline in disposable containers, each holding at least 300mls, shall be kept near the first aid box.
NB. Where aborists work alone, a belt attached first aid kit will contain the following minimum requirements:
  • Individually wrapped crepe or roller bandage x 2
  • Individually wrapped large sterile wound dressings x 2