Fire Ecaflip Of Dofus

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Fire Ecaflips have 2 highly effective attack spells which they receive at a relatively low level, however the high cost of improving intelligence makes these characters quite difficult to evolve. Ideally, their characteristics should be evolved using scrolls rather than points capital.

Fire Ecaflips endlessly seek ways to increase their INTELLIGENCE and with a good Fire type sword in their hand such as Fire Kwakblade, these creatures are to be avoided,if you want lvl it to a high lvl you need to have a lot of dofus kamas.

The Fire Ecaflip's attack spells are: topkaj, ROUGH TONGUE, REKOP

Fire Ecaflips are less powerful than their Earth counterparts but their INTELLIGENCE considerably increases their initiative which can prove a strategic trump card.

Air Ecaflips may sport a pair of daggers such as Kitten Tails, if they have already increased their CHANCE.