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"The future is brighter on the WikiEducator side!"
WikiEducator is not only ground-breaking, its foresight is defining history, and must forever be developed and continued.

I am Victor Mensah, a Ghanaian working for the Commonwealth Secretariat at the Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre for Africa, in Zambia.

I subscribe to several listserves and forums, but the WikiEducator forum is unique. With intellectual discussions garnished with a friendly atmosphere, you feel at home straight away. I sensed a "family connection" to WikiEducators like Leigh (New Zealand), Randy (Canada), Leo (China), and Declan (USA), just to mention a few. The first thing I did after joining this forum was to register for the first Learning4Content workshop. The facilitators have been an inspiration -- motivating and supporting me to complete my training notwithstanding my work demands and a hectic travel schedule. Read more ...