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Hi, My name is Minhaaj ur Rehman. I am an Educator/Consultant from Pakistan. I have done MBA in Human Resource Management and Bachelors in English Literature. I have been teaching and consulting for about 4 years now. My first memories of using a wiki goes back to when I registered as a member in Wikipedia. I remember it was really nightmare to learn wiki markup language for most people in those days, at least here in Pakistan. Gradually i come to know some fabulous people and I loved the experience that i subscribed to wikiing as my lifelong habit. I created some fabulous content for wikipedia and now wikieducator.

Being a proud computer user who has carved his way into computers when technology was in its infancy in Pakistan, i believe its my responsibility as an educator and an honest human being to convey this knowledge to people who don't know how technology can change their lives and this planet for good. Each day its a new day for me, i learn something new each day and i have a personal goal to convey at least one skill I have to someone who don't have that.

I am active on a lot of forums, communities, social networks, informal circles and SIGs online and offline. Some of them are Wiziq, CIDER, SecondLife, WikiEducator, Ubuntu Forums, FaceBook, TappedIn, MySpace, iEarn, HelpDesks for several Open Source help channels on IRC, Creative Commons, Blogs, twitter and Edtechtalk.

My dream for life is to do Ph.D and to found a university, that would use my macro-economic research that has proven that economy of scale model of production can increase welfare and reduce taxation for people. This university would hire teachers and OERs to teach and will actually certify students for the accomplishments. This certifications can be used formally and will be competitive enough to be able to carry out professional tasks in their respective fields. Special feature is the descending fee model which means more students means less fee for each student.

I am looking forward to turn this dream into reality with the help of WikiEducator. Every revolution starts with a single man, and I am willing to be one, even if it doesn't cause revolution :)