Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship

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About Us

The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship (FOBE) warmly welcomes current and prospective students to this website.

The FOBE was established to promote understanding of business, economic financial and management processes, with particular emphasis on the needs of the local, national and regional stakeholders that the National University of Samoa serves.

This means that all theoretical, as well as practical or vocational, aspects are emphasized in all departments and specialized study programs. Our focus, amongst others, is to assist you develop the evaluative skills that will enable you to function wisely and to contribute in a meaningful way to the pursuit of sustainable careers, business and economic development in our rapidly changing island world.

Our Vision

FOBE will provide an excellent learning environment through incorporating the needs of stakeholders in the development of programs, human resources and research.

The FOBE offers the following awards:

Honours Program
Bachelor of Commerce, 5 Majors
Diploma in Accounting, Banking & Finance, Economics, Management,
Certificate in Accounting, Economics, Management, Fitness