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Facilitation Tips

Prep & Room Setup

  • contact person name, telephone, cell phone numbers
  • AV person name, telephone, cell phone numbers
  • watch - right time, battery, etc.
  • USB keys
  • number them - yellow dots - have folks register for them, as in a coat check
  • Folders -
  • folders in center of tables - working documents
  • for facilitator - yellow
  • Markers
  • one's that don't give off that horrid smell.


  • explain broad purpose - what's going to happen here, and in the overall scheme of things.
  • expectations

Instructions for Speakers

  • speakers - F. here to help; will give hand signals...2 min, and then 30 sec. time

The facilitator invited participants to briefly share the outputs of their discussions,, using the following guidelines:

 What are some of the key outcomes you’re trying to achieve….  Quick glimpse in the indicators  Where are data sets  Translates to gaps identified….

He also invited other tables to add their comments to the discussion (avoiding repetition)

3-4 minutes to do that….then, other tables, if there are a few other pieces you want to add.

12-15 minutes per theme… alright, sound reasonable… Listen up, because you don’t want to repeat what they just said…

Reverse order…from before


  • Number the flipchart pages
  • Number your questions / answers
  • Place dots in same area (but not on top of each other).

Travel / Packing

  • Air Ticket / Boarding Passes
  • Passport / ID


  • 2 shirts
  • 1 pants
  • change of socks, underwear
  • sports jacket
  • eyeglass cleaning cloth


  • airplane headphones and jacks; spare batteries
  • head pillow
  • advil
  • No Jet Lag
  • Fruit-2-Go

  • Expenses envelope