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Joined on 7 November 2008 at 11:37

Bee (Brazil): Hello, good morning everyone

StaffMember: hi nellle and bee

StaffMember: the url is at the top of the chat box

Bee (Brazil): do not have it

StaffMember: you'll need to paste it again

Bee (Brazil): came in later

StaffMember: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlabrWv25qQ

Bee (Brazil): thank you

StaffMember: i know the feeling leigh

Nellie Deutsch: yes

StaffMember: yes we can

StaffMember: yes wecan hear you

minhaaj: can't hear.

Nellie Deutsch: no

Bee (Brazil): sorry

minhaaj: last try. gotta reboot

StaffMember: welcome Nellie

StaffMember: hi nellie

Bee (Brazil): the two sides of the brain?

StaffMember: yes

minhaaj: ok working now

StaffMember: that's great welcome

minhaaj: thx

StaffMember: welcome bron

Bee (Brazil): Hi Bron ...long time no see

Bron: Hi Bee

StaffMember: Hi Jude!

StaffMember: hi for those just joining us Kay lewis is presenting about mind maps now

Bron: hugs

StaffMember: Hi Jude welcome to this workshop

Jude Cooke: Leigh!

Jude Cooke: Very exciting to be here

StaffMember: \

minhaaj: I use freemind for mind maps

Bron: MindMeister

StaffMember: yes i have done that too in the past

Bee (Brazil): CMap

Bee (Brazil): Inspiration

minhaaj: mindmeister was good as long as it was free.

Bee (Brazil): powerpoint

StaffMember: I like hand made

StaffMember: I do too Leigh

Jude Cooke: Do any of those have the organic capacity of the one bv being demonstrated

minhaaj: true. writing it with your own hand, shifts the learning curve further to right.

Bee (Brazil): much easier by hand...but then cannot link or collaborate on them

Bron: yes the online tools all have some contraints that irk you

minhaaj: good point Bee. Do you mean in web 2.0 and online context, freemind is more productive?

StaffMember: once scanned, and digitised, we can collaborate, by printing and drawing again, the scanning and sharing again

Nellie Deutsch: my writing is terrible these days because I hardly use it

Nellie Deutsch: I meaan my hand writing

StaffMember: i think that is a major problem I find that too I hardly ever hand write anymore

Bee (Brazil): the online tools are still very stiff and linear

StaffMember: yes we tried to do one on the whiteboard here but it was very time consuming!

Bee (Brazil): maybe those who have a tablet and a stylus

minhaaj: its been couple of years since i have written with hands. Do pretty much everything online.

Jude Cooke: how about using a graphics tablet\

Bee (Brazil): but drawing with a mouse is gross

StaffMember: very true

Bee (Brazil): and the touch pad is even worse

Jude Cooke: graphics tablet?

Bee (Brazil): for artists

Bee (Brazil): beautiful

StaffMember: I haven't used one I have to admit

Jude Cooke: for freehand drawing

Bee (Brazil): images are good for metaphors

Bee (Brazil): multiple meanings

Jude Cooke: absolutely

minhaaj: nope.

Bee (Brazil): keep on...it's great

Bee (Brazil): are there any codes for colours?

minhaaj: in html yes.

Bee (Brazil): cultural, yes

Richard Green: Hello, beautiufl colors

Nellie Deutsch: hi Richard

Bee (Brazil): Hi Richard

StaffMember: welcome Richard

Richard Green: HI, Nellie thanks for inviting me, Nellie

Richard Green: Hi, Bee,

Richard Green: long time no see

Richard Green: Hope you had a good birrthday

Richard Green:

Bee (Brazil): normally what is nice about maps is that there are multiple entry points

Nellie Deutsch: lines converge and I may not want that

Nellie Deutsch: I use graphic organizers with my students

Nellie Deutsch: but I give them choices

Bron: this has been very interesting - have to leave but much appreciate the expertise and ideas offered.

StaffMember: everyone is different

Bron: bye all

StaffMember: bye Bron thanks for coming

Nellie Deutsch: nice

Bee (Brazil): I must go as well...diner time here and the boys are hungry Thank you for a very interesting presentation

StaffMember: Thanks very much Bee, thanks for coming!

minhaaj: gotta jet. 4 am in the morning now.

minhaaj: must sleep

minhaaj: bye

Bee (Brazil): see you!

StaffMember: Thanks for coming

StaffMember: Thanks minhaay yes get some sleep!

Nellie Deutsch: that's great

Nellie Deutsch: I am responding to Kay

StaffMember: its all the hippy rainbow colours

StaffMember: they need corp blue, template powerpoint

Richard Green: Thanks for the invite, I have to teach just now, and I like the colors very much, hope to see you all sometime later.

StaffMember: i respond to colours like that - as a visual person

Richard Green: me too

StaffMember: Thanks for coming Richard, much appreciated

Nellie Deutsch: choice is very important Great !

StaffMember: my text was a joke

Richard Green: thanks alot, I will watch the recording. Very interesting.

Jude Cooke: No qusetions

Nellie Deutsch: nope

Richard Green: sorry I have to go

Audio TBA

Nellie Deutsch: thank you very much

Richard Green: appreciate it very much

Jude Cooke: a great articulate prensentation thanks

Richard Green: yes!\

Nellie Deutsch: nicely done

Jude Cooke: cheeers

StaffMember: thanks Elaine and Kay

Richard Green: bye

StaffMember: Thanks!

Richard Green: great! I will watch the recording

StaffMember: thanks leigh

StaffMember: Thanks Leigh

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