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  1. Susan Stillman, Putney, VT. Website Blog Skype: sbstillman   
  2. Karen Wilson, Cambridge, New Zealand. [1] twitter: https://twitter.com/karenopt
  3. Lyn Blair Blog Skype:lyn.blair2
  4. Jade Wratten Blog jadesbeginnerblog.blogspot.com/Skype:jadeWratten
  5. Sharon Schindler begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Blog Twitter [2] Skype: sharon_schindler; LinkedIn Sharon Schindler
  6. Peter Brook, Dunedin onlinefacilitationforpeterb.blogspot.com
  7. Blog: Michael Winter Skype: carltonwinter Christchurch NZ, Twitter carltonwinter.
  8. Lorna McMullan: [3] [Skype:lorna.susan185] Facebook: lornasusan185
  9. Jane Scripps, Blog, Email, Twitter, Skype: janebscripps, facebook www.facebook.com/home.php  
  10. Jillian Clarke: OFC: blog , Email , skype: jillian.clarke1 , Blog: Caring for Maternity , Facebook , LinkedIn: Jillian Clarke, twitter
  11. Maurice Ward blog : Mauricefli
  12. Blog: Gloria Lemay, Vancouver, B.C., Canada http://birthloves.blogspot.com/[4] Twitter [5] Email: waterbirthinwoman@gmail.com  LinkedIn: Gloria Lemay; Skype: gloria.lemay
  13. Carolyn Hastie  Blog Twitter ThinkbirthChittaway Bay, NSW, Australia  email thinkbirth@gmail.com skype heartlogicinstitute
  14. Blog: Sarah Stewart SL: Petal Stransky Skype: sarah.m.stewart
  15. Blog: willie campbellLinkedin:[6]Twitter:[7]
  16. Blog: Jean Jacoby SL: Fiora Monday; Skype: jean.jacoby; Twitter: [8]
  17. Blog: Kim McLean AU Twitter:kimmy_mc
  18. Blog: Chris Woodhouse Derbyshire, UK; Twitter: shed53; SL: Wiley Zabelin; Skype: cjwmonyash
  19. Blog: Carole McCulloch AU; Skype: coach.carole ; Twitter: coach_carole
  20. Blog: Karen Humber Twitter: Karen Humber Skype: karen_h09 Linkedin:[9]
  21. Blog: New Address Matt Blackstock Twitter: @mattybee Skype: mattybee1974
  22. Blog: Malcolm Lewis Email Twitter: @lewismal  Skype: malcolm.lewis2008 Facebook [10]&
  23. Claire Thompson: New Blog Address Twitter Skype: claire.thom1 Location:Penticton, BC Canada
  24. Jo Lundman, Te Anau New Zealand. Blog
  25. Tracy Pemberton Blog Mamapem Skype: Mamapem
  26. Katherine Gilliver-Brown: Blog: Gilliver's Musings: Skype Name: kgilliver_brown Twitter
  27. Blog: New Address Mireille Massue Canada Mireille's Twitter Skype: mireillem10
  28. Blog: Floyd Wilde Twitter: @floydwilde
  29. Folke Wallberg, Geneva, Switzerland. Blog Skype: folke.ch Twitter
  30. Blog: Gillian Croad NZ Twitter
  31. Susan Brazil, Mayfield, NSW, Austalia [11]
  32. Tara Fagan Blog  Skype: tarafagan, http://twitter.com/Taranz1
  33. Tania Coutts http://impossibleisnothingnz.blogspot.com/ Skype: tania.coutts Twitter - Tania Coutts - http://twitter.com/TarnzC
  34. Blog: Menaka Ediriweera
  35. Patricia Strang Blog  Trish's reflections]: Skype Name: e_pstrang Twitter
  36. Sebastian Panakal Blog Twitter Skype: sebastianpanakal
  37. Mark Spain Blog Email Skype: markwspain
  38. Mary Sidebotham Blog
  39. Ian Taylor Blog
  40. Blog: Megan Marshall NZ
  41. Andrew Chambers [12]
  42. Blog: Olufemi Olubodun [13] Nigeria Twitter:http://twitter.com/ojolubodun2; Skype:olufemi.olubodun
  43. Blog: JJCustodio
  44. Blog: renee du toit
  45. Blog: Tarja Hannila SE
  46. Blog: James Njenga skype: carice2 Twitter: Karitz ZA
  47. Blog: Susie le Page
  48. Blog: Wendel Richardson
  49. Blog: Blog[14] Twitter
  50. Mary Sorby skype. metronz1
  51. Blog: John Britton, Twitter @johndbritton
  52. Blog: Pippa Buchanan, Twitter @pipstar. An Australian in Berlin, Germany.
  53. Blog: Amelia Boyce
  54. Karey Harrison blog
  55. Virginia Rego, http://virginia-rego.blogspot.com/?zx=a2b1d5014858fb0a
  56. Debra Maddocks, Palmerston North, New Zealand. [15] Skype: debra.maddocks
  57. Chris Aimers, Dunedin, New Zealand
  58. Justine Mason, juzzysblog.blogspot.com/
  59. Jane Field, Blog  Twitter
  60. Rayna Dickson, Dunedin, New Zealand. [16]
  61. Jan Collier blog Email skype: jancollier
  62. Blog: LaTonya S. Motley
  63. Karaitiana Wilson, New Zealand. Blog
  64. Blog: Bettie Sheets (http://bettiesheets.blogspot.com/)
  65. Blog: Lisa Barrett [17],Twitter[18]
  66. Cal Armstrong, Ontario, Canada. Blog, Twitter @sig225
  67. Dominique Quirke Blog Skype: Dominique Quirke
  68. Therese La Porte [19]
  69. Blog: LaDonna Coy
  70. Laura Lorenzo: Blog Email Skype: laura.ldg
  71. Rachel Reed Blog Twitter

Creative Action Partnership

Please edit this section and add your name and email address if you're interested in joining an Action Partnership around Creative Facilitation. To avoid being harvested for spam, I suggest following Sarah's idea of using "at".

More imaginative (creative!) name suggestions for this Active Partnership are welcomed - though it does lend itself to the catchy acronym CAP - at least in the English language.

The background is that Therese and Chris have both talked about creative work (creative teaching and creative problem solving respectively) in their early blog posts. Chris has suggested a group to explore this via an email to the Google Group, and Sarah wisely suggested using the course wiki as not everyone has yet joined the email group.

  1. Therese La Porte (laporte at snap.net.nz)
  2. Chris Woodhouse (cw at cwoodhouse.com)
  3. Karen Humber (roundts at gmail.com)
  4. Olufemi Olubodun (ojolubodun at yahoo.com)
  5. Mireille Massue (mireillem10 at gmail.com)
  6. Carolyn Hastie (thinkbirth at gmail.com)
  7. Sebastian Panakal (sebastianpanakal at gmail.com)

Participants Map

Please check out this blog post, then add your marker to our participants map! (Note from Claire Thompson: I tried embedding the map here, but couldn't figure out how. If anyone knows how, please help me out!)