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There are two assignments which must be completed in this course; maintaining a personal blog and evaluating an online event. These collectively cover all learning outcomes.

Please note that you must request an extension before the due dates. Marks are not allocated to each assignment, only a 'pass' or 'not passed'. You must successfully complete both assignments to be awarded a pass in the course. One re-submission per assignment is possible if a pass is not obtained the first time. (Note: feedback given on draft copies of assignments does not affect the re-submission regulations.)

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Assignment 1 Personal Blog
Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 and 3.
Marks: 'Pass' or 'Not passed'
Due Date: November 12th 17.00 hours New Zealand

Set up or use an existing blog. This blog will represent your online presence, be a key communication tool and demonstrate your learning as evidence for assessment.

  • Set up your blog.
  • Follow the course schedule, read the assigned material and participate in any events.
  • Write blog posts with impressions and reflections of what you have learned.
  • Post progress reports on how you are doing with the planning, facilitating and evaluating of your online event (see Assignment 2).
  • Include original thoughts, reflections and references - don't just summarize readings or events.
  • Make connections between the weekly topics.
  • Make connections between your previous blog posts.
  • Make connections with posts that other participants have written.
  • Comment on other people's blogs.

Marking criteria
There are no minimum number of posts or word limits on each post. However, to pass this assignment you need to address each of the following elements in order to obtain a successful pass for this assignment:

  • the features of online communities and networks;
  • the elements of skillful online facilitation;
  • how online communication tools can be used to facilitate online;
  • the process of facilitating an online event.

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Assignment 2 Evaluate your facilitation of an online event
Learning Outcomes: 4.
Marks: 'Pass' or 'Not passed'
Due Date: November 19th 17.00 hours New Zealand

This assignment requires you to report in your blog on your facilitation of an online event in the course mini conference.

  • What went well, and what did not go so well
  • How the event was organised and promoted
    • adequate information
    • support (technical and access)
    • relevant for the audience
  • Whether the event was managed and conducted smoothly - particularly noting how you handled any disruptions.
  • What efforts you made to ensure that all participants knew where they were supposed to be and when, and arrange technical support for people?
  • How you set the stage, made introductions, explained the aims, and whether you managed to remain neutral and facilitatory.
  • How you did a round up, drew closure and indicated where recordings and other follow up materials would be made available.
  • Feedback from audience
  • How you would do things in the future
  • General comments and additions.

Marking criteria
There is no word limits on this post. However, to pass this assignment you need to address each of the elements outlined above.

If you are an informal learner doing this course for your own learning, you are very welcome to take part in the mini conference. However, if you wish to receive full feedback and assessment services, you will need to enrol as a formal participant into this course (fees apply). For more information about enrolling as a formal participant please contact our administrator Catherine Lindsay Email.