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Question - Would this be better as a blog? A blog doesn't show all the edits and everyone who contributed, but a blog is a nice format.

also see Team 2152

Engineering e-notebook - same information as in dead-tree version. This is where we actually compose the text to transcribe into the required format. The wiki version tracks all the writing, editing and demonstrates the collaborative effort that goes into the Engineering Notebook.

Guidelines for "writing" the notebook entries

  • use Level 2 header for each day - include the date and a couple of words that say what is important and interesting today

==<br />sample - date as month daye, year : [big idea for the day...]==

  • drawings, diagrams, pictures - Sketchup, digital photos, links to video - not exactly like the newspaper in Harry Potter, but you get the idea
  • insert the new date as a section ABOVE the previous one - newest at the top, like a blog
  • Remember : everyone in the world can read this.

January 27, 2011 : Write the notebook entries in the Wiki first