FLOSS Business Planning

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Planning a Regional initiative

  • Raising Awareness
    • Showcase Regional Innovation
  • Involvement of all regions from inception


Strategically Aligned Initiatives


Learning Resources

Science, Education and Learning in Freedom

SELF is an international project aiming to provide a platform for the collaborative sharing and creation of free educational and training materials on Free Software and Open Standards . Free Software

In contrast to proprietary software, Free Software can be freely used, copied, studied, modified and redistributed. Free Software offers the freedom to learn and to teach without any proprietary barriers – the basic requirement for the self-enabled human in the information society. Open Standards and the ability to exchange data and to share information and knowledge have become essential for cost-effective, flexible and transparent support of government and business processes.

Implementing Partners

Business schools, professional associations (Linux Professionals, etc.).

Other Stakeholders

  • Ministries: education, commerce.
  • Private sector: ...

Indicators of Success

  • Number of viable SMMEs whose businesses are based on FLOSS
  • Number of people certified on FLOSS