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This is a collection of libre learning resources for (free/libre and open source software) FLOSS Literacy.

The main FLOSSLit Portal was here (archive.org 2011 - historical interest).

Here we focus on resources developed by the WikiEducator community.

FLOSS Literacy

There is growing need for ICT literacy and capacity in the developing world. Some countries are developing policies which incorporate FLOSS as an essential consideration. (e.g. South Africa).


These resources are developed as part of the Free knowledge for FLOSS Literacy project which seeks to establish:

  • a portal to guide people to great learning resources for FLOSS Literacy
  • a collection of libre learning resources for FLOSS literacy
  • a community to use and continually improve the resources as they gain experience.

The intention is for the resources here to be used, adapted, improved and shared.



Our philosophy is encapsulated in the Libre Knowledge Manifesto.