FLOSS4Edu Pacific Workshop/What's in it for me/Group 2

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Why Participate?

  • to assess the platform and available resources;
  • share skills and network;
  • gain more awareness of "what's out there";
  • sounding board

What's in it for me?

  • Professional Development / Learning new skills;
  • economic benefits of Free content;
  • supplements to teaching programs;
  • up-to-date content;
  • reusable, repurposable content;
  • receiving feedback on content;
  • International collaboration (student-to-student, teacher-to-teacher)

My Organisation?

  • Lack of teacher time? might be a big ask.
  • Could integrate into Professional Development;
  • Use instead of LMS?

The Value Proposition

  • low entry, easy to use.
  • "you get out what you put in... and more."
  • value of being an educator in a global context.
  • global mentoring and networking

View of Group 2