FLOSS4Edu Pacific Workshop/What's in it for me/Group 1

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What's in it for me

  • support in the Pacific region
  • NZ Pacifica strategies to help pacifica students here in NZ
  • different ideas and experiences for developing appropriate elearning strategies & initiatives for Pacific communities here in NZ
  • provision of resources, greater access to resources, quality, freedom
  • opportunity to share resources, share in the development of resources
  • look for cost effective resource development options and strategies
  • relevant local content creation
  • building confidence in terms of standards
  • channels for technical support

My organisation

  • managing expectation of aid donors
  • distribution channels, how to get the content out to users
  • availability and access to free software
  • collaboration - for development of quality, credible content

The value proposition

  • grow the community beyond the boundaries of independent island nations
  • take responsibility for education on a global level
  • influence own communities to implement open content/software initiatives at a national policy level
  • sustainability