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Planning inputs and participants from India are invited to join this group to help plan and direct Indian activities on WikiEducator.

Interested Participants

  • India has always been known for its comprehensive education initiatives and the way it carries it forward. Nalanda and Taxilla Universities of yore were the hub of Higher education and reputed centers of excellence in learning. Scholars from far and wide would come here to get their doubts cleared and become an authority in their respective fields.
  • Teachers Network is an initiative to bring together the ideas of teachers working at various levels to develop and design new curricula in the open societies of learners and teachers.

Look for the Following links

  • FLOSS4eduIndia_Teachers Network
  • FLOSS4EduIndia_Teachers Network/Planing
  1. Teachers Network
  2. Teachers Network Plan

Aims of the Indian Chapter

The Indian Community of Teacher Educators aims at -

  • Building an Indian educators’ open community
  • Networking with other open communities in the world

Planned Activities of the Indian Chapter

  • Teachers Network Plans

1) Enlist volunteer educators for careful video-recording of SBS and CBS syllabi in the various major languages of India. 2) Determine the logistics of making these lessons available to rural government schools; this includes finding donors for necessary hardware (e.g. TVs, DVD players, PCs, Projectors etc) needed for making these pre-recorded lessons to teacher-impoverished schools (which are nearly 100% of them!); 3) Perform steps 1) & 2) in a small geographical area (~10 km radius, say)first, then scale it to the taluk, district, state level with the help of the Dept. of Education of the State.

Add ideas for activities to support FLOSS4Edu in India.


  • Dr. Savithri Singh, Principal, Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, India.