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OER Networking through Projects


Data projector, laptop(s) running Ubuntu 10.4, flipcharts + pens, postits, voting stickers, ....


  • Connect African OER Communities
  • Plan Possible Collaborative Actions/ Projects



0800 Registration

0900 Welcome and Overview

0930 Braindump

On flipcharts (or ideally in advance on a wiki) list existing OER projects with which you are personally involved, or other collaborative educational initiatives you would like to start as part of your current job or studies.

For example, if you are a teacher/lecturer in a school/university and you need to teach a course/module on some topic, list it here: Projects.

State what kind of collaborators you are looking for (and hope to meet at ELA).

1000 Tea break

1030 Prioritisation and Group Formation

Participants to prioritise the entries on the flipcharts (use voting stickers, 3 per person) and choose topics for project groups (3 - 6 people per group).

1100 "Now What Statement(s)" and Goals

What is the next step? - One that is realstic to plan in this workshop (including pre- and post- event activities).

The projects identified earlier may be at different stages of development. Some just starting (new), others may be in operation already but require external review or wider use through localisation, etc..

So, the "now what statements" might vary from (e.g.) "Collaboratively Create Base Material" to "Identify and Engage Partner Institutions Interested in Adapting a Module for their Course(s)" or ....

Clearly state the Goal(s) of these next steps.


  • By December 2010 students may access a complete module on 'Installing and Using Moodle' that will enable them to get started in their school
  • By December 2010 existing module ... of ... University will be on-line, localised and in use by three additional institutions: ....

1130 Action Plan

Identify broad actions and/or prerequsites for implementing the "now what" next steps. While doing this exercise, your ideas might change. Be ready to present your project plan at 1230.

1230 Reportbacks

Each group to give a 5 minute presentation on their project. Optionally using their WikiEducator page as reference.

Adjust this with respect to number of groups. This assumes 6 groups.

1300 Close and Lunch

Brainstorm on strategic plan

I suggest this should be an opportune time for brainstorming on the strategic plan


By the end of the session we have a set of wiki pages which capture all the proceedings indicating collaborative actions which may start immediately.