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Two workshops have been held:

These workshops have recommended the establishment of FLOSS4Edu Chapters. As a community we must start thinking about:

  • Roles and functions of a FLOSS4Edu Chapter?
  • Suggested activities of these Chapters?
  • How do they work?
  • What do they do? etc.

This brainstorm list should ultimately lead to the development of a Charter for the FLOSS4Edu Chapters.


The generic aim of a FLOSS4Edu Chapter is to promote and support teachers, lecturers and trainers in developing free content for Education in their respective regions using free software tools.

Does this adequately cover the aim?

Post your comments here

Who are the members of a FLOSS4Edu Chapter?

  • FLOSS4Edu is not institutionally bound and represents a community of Educators interested in developing free content resources for Education at all levels
  • Any individual can join a FLOSS4Edu chapter
  • Add to the list here

What does a FLOSS4Edu Chapter do?

  • Advocate the development of free content for education
  • Help the community in building skills for free content development
  • Hold training workshops using free content developed on WikiEducator for this purpose?
  • List your thoughts here