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# Importance Item* Reporter Date
1 Later A user can submit multiple evaluations for the same submission. Akash 2014-06-04
2 The number of submissions does not update and is always zero. This bug is due to lack of modify permissions to the user used to connect to the database by mediawiki. Akash 2014-06-04
3 Design Please take advantage of jQuery any time you think you will need to workaround broken Javascript behavior. (And there is no need to ever target IE<7.) Remove local copy of jQuery (WikiEducator and all recent versions of Mediawiki include jQuery.) Jim 2014-06-19
4 Low Remove the HelloWorld special page. Jim 2014-06-19
5 Document database schema
see schema.sql
Jim 2014-06-19
6 Low follow Mediawiki convention for DB schema updates

(including using /*$wgDBprefix*/ as the prefix for table names instead of hard-coding mw_)
Now using the /*_*/ prefix as per the latest mediawiki specifications. --Akash Agarwal 20:54, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Jim 2014-06-19
7 Urgent User Dashboard - 2nd heading. Fix typo Change "Evaluations on your Activity" to "Evaluations of your activities" Wayne 2014-06-24
8 Important Query: User dashboard. Do the recommended 3 evaluations update live by populating with the 3 activities with the least number of evaluations?
Yes. Also, it shows only the submissions which a user has not yet evaluated.
Wayne 2014-06-24
9 Important User Dashboard: Notification to learner of the count of the 3 specified evaluations required for the activity concerned under "Recommended Activities" subheading. Eg "2 of 3 required evaluations for Activity X.X submitted" or "5 of 3 required evaluations for Activity X.X submitted" Wayne 2014-06-24
10 Important User Dashboard table headings under Recommended Activities: "Number of evaluations" should be changed to "Total number of evaluations" to avoid confusion with the user number of evaluations submitted. Wayne 2014-06-24
11 Important Activity 4.1 rubric: Recommend using 10 point scale for this rubric. Wayne to update corresponding rubric information on course site. Wayne 2014-06-24
12 Normal use a single API prefix for the extension, with a separate argument specifying the subfunction

Now we have a total of 3 API prefix, one for all get requests and one each for accepting submissions and evaluations --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Jim 2014-06-24
13 Normal Parameterize API calls to return "by course" and "by user" where appropriate. Returning all evaluations is never appropriate. Jim Tittsler 2014-06-24
14 Urgent API calls must return data, not HTML tables (working example showing getResult() and addValue()) Jim Tittsler 2014-06-24
15 Low update README (perhaps renaming to README.md to take advantage of Gitorious feature), add GPL COPYING file to repo Jim Tittsler 2014-06-24
16 Low Please consider annotating the form with error notes, rather than using alert() to signal errors. The form should highlight the field(s) I need to complete or correct. Jim Tittsler 2014-06-24
17 Low Remove unused modules directory Jim Tittsler 2014-06-25
18 Low message spelling and spurious capitalization, some examples: Jim Tittsler 2014-06-25
19 Low Parameterize API calls to allow paging through large result sets
(adding generator support would be nice to have as well, but is lower priority)
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-25
20 Low message cleanups

#b5cfbe6 #6b3cf50

Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
21 Low number of evaluations should be a parameter Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
22 Low Update documentation since special pages no longer exist Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
23 Normal make URLs in evaluation table clickable #ff4802d Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
24 Low use the HTML <label> tag for form field labels Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
25 Lowest Consider constructing path to Javascript rather than hard coding it allowing things like installing the extension in a differently named directory Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
26 Normal remove console.log() calls for benefit of IE8 users #ec2131e Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
27 Normal Use POST not GET for sending data to server Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
28 Lowest evaluation submission of checkbox items should validate that the submission is a possible value (or alternatively, submit the index of the selected item) Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
29 Low Provide way for evaluator to change their mind, and return to an earlier submission and change (some of) their answers Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
30 Important submitactivity tag does not correctly indicate successful submission if the URL contains a '#'
Commit: #f9788ae
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
31 Low <submitactivity>
  • should not use <pre> to render form
  • should use a textarea for Comment entry
  • should provide a longer text fields for URL and Title entry
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
32 Important submitactivity form appears to be broken (at least when URL contains a #)
  • activity, title, and comment are not appearing in Your Activity submissions
  • I opted in for evaluation, but Your Activity submissions says No
Commit: #f9788ae
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
33 Normal Can only see "is related" and "score" under Evaluations of your activities. Is there a way to see why I got a 0%?
No currently you can do that only in the View Evaluations page not in the dashboard --Akash Agarwal 08:44, 26 June 2014 (UTC)
Now available #e7dbe95 --Akash Agarwal 09:33, 30 June 2014 (UTC)
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
34 Low improve layout of View Evaluations: at present with a long list of evaluations, the data is displayed at the bottom (off screen on a small screen). Perhaps use a jQueryUI dialog? Or expand within the table row? Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
35 Normal after submitting an activity Click Here to view all submitted Activities is displayed in an <a>...</a> (so it renders in blue and looks clickable), but clicking does not appear to have any response
now redirects to a hard coded destination on beta wiki
The link is removed for now. For now we will just tell the user to go to the page in deployed version where <viewactivities> tag would be present while giving the instructions.
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
36 Low spelling looged->logged Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
37 Urgent User dashboard: Currently the dashboard only shows Recommended Activities (of 2nd Learning reflection) for you to Evaluate. To proceed with the testing - -we would need to list all of the activities and corresponding invitation to evaluate 3 submissions.


Wayne 2014-06-26
38 Important When testing the 10 point scale on Activity 3.1 (hard to replicate the error consistently) when clicking on the sub-scale radio buttons sometimes a wiki edit window opens in edit view showing the <viewactivities> tag rather than recognising the radio button which was clicked. Wayne 2014-06-26
39 Normal <viewevaluations> does not appear to show the overall comment (the one submitted under the is related radio button) if the evaluation says it was related, but it does show the other 3 comments (It does appear if the user says the post was not related.)
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
40 Low Because the extension is using Javascript to build tables after the page initializes, you need to call sortables_init() after the tables are on the page. (Note this is a fragile solution and will need to be rethought after the API is fixed.) Jim Tittsler 2014-06-26
41 Urgent Submit activity page - Message to login: Include a wiki link to the registration page in the message advising user to log in. Wayne 2014-06-27
42 Important Submit activity page. When a user does not have a current session, the submit activity options should not be active. A user may miss the message and waste time filling out the form and losing data when going back to log in. Wayne 2014-06-27
43 Normal schema.sql is missing the database prefix (mw_ in hard coding, /*$wgDBprefix*/ in final solution, see issue #6) in ALTER statement Jim Tittsler 2014-06-27
44 Normal Loading of iframe. Suggest incorporating a page loading animation / message so user knows there is a page loading. User may finish the submission before iframe has loaded.

We no longer use iframes --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-06-27
45 Urgent Clear navigation information needed for prototype test. After submitting an activity or completing action, the user receives a message that the action is completed. However, it is not clear to the user on what they should do next, eg after submitting an activity. For prototype, suggest developing a template with navigation links to the main pages of the peer evaluations system plus a link back to the course site. Wayne 2014-06-27
46 Urgent Message about number of activities to submit currently reads "Till now you have submitted a total of 3 Evaluations. It is recommended that you do at least 3 evaluations for each Activity." Change message as follows. "We recommend that you submit a minimum 3 evaluations for each activity. You have submitted # evaluations for this activity." Wayne 2014-06-27
47 Low Activity 4.1 rubrics have spurious " (double quote marks?) surrounding each one. Jim Tittsler 2014-06-27
48 Urgent Change default message under activities you have submitted. Currently this reads "You may click on the title (those in blue) to do a self evaluation." Change to "We encourage learners to evaluate their own work. Click on the blue title links below to submit your self-evaluation." Wayne 2014-06-27
49 Design Is it necessary to ask me Not Achieved/Achieved/Merit and then 1-10 independently? Could you display 1-10, with different sections colored to indicate each classification? At present it seems like you are asking me the same question twice. Jim Tittsler 2014-06-27
50 Urgent Remove activities not available for evaluation from the pull down list on the submit activity page. (If possible for the testing of the alpha version.) Wayne 2014-06-28
51 Normal Dashboard: User submitted activities should not be listed in the "Recommended activities for you to evaluate" Self evaluations are actioned under the "Your activities submitted" subheading. Wayne 2014-06-28
52 Normal View activities page. Ideally, if there are no activities currently available for evaluation - it doesn't make sense to display the button for those activities. The system should only display buttons for the corresponding activity when there are submissions available for evaluation. Wayne 2014-06-28
52 Normal Test behaviour of radio buttons on tablets within the snapshot. I've noticed inconsistent behaviour with the radio buttons when answering yes or no to does the post relate to the activity. Sometimes the expanded evaluation criteria don't display, or the radio button does not mark as being selected. Perhaps there is a javascript race problem? Further testing needed

This is now resolved for me. Please re enable the bug if you still find this error --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-06-28
53 Normal Submitting multiple evaluations of the same activity during a session. Testing on a tablet there is no notification to the user that a submission is being processed. Repeated clicks of the submit button result in a multitude of submissions for the same activity. Wayne 2014-06-28
54 Low mw_pe_eval_main stores "95 %" for some activities by "87.5" for other types. It would be better to only store numeric values (and then render the % in the table if appropriate).

Now we use json based storage and the json object contains the complete information rather than just the final score --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Jim Tittsler 2014-06-30
55 Normal Tags do not allow any wikitext rendering after them. (wikitext before the tag on a page is rendered correctly.)

It occurs due to the use of unclosed tags. eg- Please use <submitactivity /> instead of <submitactivity>

Jim Tittsler 2014-06-30
56 Design It would be useful to have a unique URL that would reference:
  • a particular item to be evaluated
  • a particular evaluation (much lower priority)
Jim Tittsler 2014-06-30
57 Low User page links (for example on View Evaluations page) do not show as redlinks when the page does not yet exist. Jim Tittsler 2014-07-01
58 Normal View_activities -> Adjust table width to not exceed course width Luis M. Morillas 2014-07-07
59 Design Submit activity form at http://wikieducator.org/course/OCL4Ed/Peer_evaluation/Submit_activity/ Label - input design. Be care with responsive design

This is now corrected in the new version deployed at beta

Luis M. Morillas 2014-07-07
60 Normal Page refreshes when clicking the yes or no button when evaluation form loads for the first time after clicking from the Dashboard page. (Using Chrome - haven't tested with other browsers.) If any text is entered before clicking the radio button -- this is lost. When the page loads for a 2nd time - everything functions as it should.

Auto page refresh now removed from all pages. ( The OCL4Ed prototype deployed still has the old version though. Please look at the pages in beta for the recent ones ) --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-07-09
61 Normal View activities page should not list evaluations already submitted by the user. The message "Click on the activity to evaluate" can be misleading because the user could be directed to an evaluation already submitted by the user. Wayne 2014-07-09
62 Normal New Analytic rubric: Ability to specify descriptors Descriptors (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - appear to be hard coded. User should be able to specify this. Suggest using a hierarchical level for user to specify (eg ** for descriptors, *** for explanation of the criteria.)

Now # is used and numbering are rendered instead of the bullet list. --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-07-17
63 Normal Conflating the use of bullets for structured content with layout. Currently the 3rd level in the hierarchy (***) is used to generate a bullet list. I recommend that only one instance of *** be used with all relevant text for that criterion contained within. Will need to think of a solution regarding how wiki layout like bullets can be contained within the *** level.

Now # is used and numbering are rendered instead of the bullet list. --Akash Agarwal 20:52, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-07-17
64 DataBase Column names normalization. Caps & mw conventions: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Coding_conventions/Database Luis M. Morillas 2014-07-16
65 Normal README.md has not markdown syntax Luis M. Morillas 2014-08-04
66 Normal Beta version. After submitting activity, page displays "Activity Successfully Registered". Not apparent what the user needs to do next. Perhaps automatic redirect to list of submission page?

Currently in the activity centric Peer Evaluation, it is up to the instructor where to have the view evaluation and view activities tags respectively. What we could do is, add an optional argument for the instructor to specify their location, in which case we can redirect/refer the learner to those pages. --Akash Agarwal 13:15, 9 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-08-09
67 Low Consistent capitalization. WE Convention is only to capitalise the first letter of a message with lower case for the rest unless a proper noun. After submitting activity the message: Activity "Successfully Registered" should be changed to "Activity successfully registered" Wayne 2014-0809
68 Low When first visiting the http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/evaluation1 page, the form flashes momentarily before displaying the table.
Please consider creating the form with style="display:none;" to remove this initial rendering. --JimTittsler 04:45, 11 August 2014 (UTC)
Wayne 2014-08-09
69 Normal The user needs a visual cue or instruction -eg "Click on title to evaluate submission" on the activity listing page (http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/evaluation1) Mackiwg 2014-08-09
70 Normal UI & UX of analytic rubric when conducting an evaluation. Placement of radio buttons could result in confusion. Perhaps rendering each criterion within a single column table row with the button contained within the row would avoid this problem. Text emphasis, eg italics for "Beginer / Intermediate/ Advanced" & "Grade 1, Grade 2 etc" would help distinguish the criteria.

UI changed to a table --Akash Agarwal 20:09, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-08-09
71 Normal Have we discussed whether its appropriate to have required items before processing a submission? Currently a user can submit a form (analytic survey) without checking any items.

Now, form validation is added for all rubric types, hence a learner needs to check all items before submitting. --Akash Agarwal 20:24, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Wayne 2014-08-09
72 High Currently users without a current session can submit evaluations via http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/viewevaluation1. A current session should be required for all submissions. Wayne 2014-08-09
73 Normal From view evaluation page (http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/viewevaluation1) - Click on title to get details not working for me. Mackiwg 2014-08-09
74 Normal Submitted a number of evaluations for activity title "OERu site". Number of evaluations submitted on this table: http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/sample-activitytable doesn't appear to be updating. Showing "0" although submitted a number of evaluations. Mackiwg 2014-08-09
75 Task Remove obsolete API calls from api.php help display Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
76 Low The Submitted by and Evaluated by columns should show the realname rather than the username. Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
77 Design The Submitted by column links are confusing, especially if the extension is used in a course snapshot. Instead of linking to the userpage, consider popping up a summary of that user's evaluation submissions for (a) the current course and (b) all courses. Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
78 Important Move radio buttons to a column to the left of the corresponding form response on http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/evaluation1 (Placing them below the response is confusing.) Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
79 Important User can submit an evaluation before answering any (or all) of the component questions. http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/evaluation1

Form validation is add added for all 3 types of rubrics --Akash Agarwal 20:24, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
80 Normal The evaluation submission scheme does not update the browser's concept of current location. After submitting an evaluation, I expected clicking the browser Back button to return me to the page of things to evaluate, but instead it took me to the page I had visited before that.
The same page contains all of, the submissions available for evaluation, the form to submit the evaluation and the message after the evaluation succeeds. So, its tricky to tap the back button functionality of the browser. The contents of the page change using javascript and hence the browser back button takes one to another page instead of the previous content. --Akash Agarwal 20:59, 16 August 2014 (UTC)
Have you considered using Javascript to modify the browser history? Admittedly this is made more difficult because you can not submit a second activity/evaluation without refreshing the page. --JimTittsler 05:39, 18 August 2014 (UTC)
Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
81 Normal Clicking on title does not show details of evaluation http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/viewevaluation1 Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
82 Lowest Cursor shape is wrong when hovering over clickable titles on http://b.wikieducator.org/User:Akashagarwal/viewevaluation1 Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
83 Lowest Remove unused i18n directory (see also #17) Jim Tittsler 2014-08-11
84 Task Update the extension page to include installation instructions. Remind potential users they must run php maintenance/update.php to install the required database tables.

Installation instructions added to the extension page. The same has also been added to the readme.md file in the repository.

Jim Tittsler 2014-08-17
85 Normal When not logged in, the submit activity form should not show a Submit button. (It should probably display a link to Special:Login or a message that logging in is required to submit.)

For me, it does show an error. snap of page loaded when not logged in . But, in cases where the user was logged in and then gets logged out later by logging out from another tab or session expiry, the user may be able to submit but gets an error trying to do so. Snap of this error If you are logged in to wikieducator beta and then try to log in wikieducator.org at the same time, then your session at b.wikieducator.org expires. This is one of the reasons you may have got the second error ( One that gives a message after clicking on submit ) --Akash Agarwal 08:07, 18 August 2014 (UTC)

Jim Tittsler 2014-08-18
86 Low Path to jQueryUI should be an installation parameter ($wg...)
Currently I am using a publicly hosted script - http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.11.0/jquery-ui.js . Should I have a local installation ? --Akash Agarwal 08:07, 18 August 2014 (UTC)
No, but it should be a configurable option in case someone does want a local installation or to use a different CDN. The jQuery CDN should be the default.--JimTittsler 10:13, 18 August 2014 (UTC)
Jim Tittsler 2014-08-18
87 Urgent <script src="/extensions/PeerEvaluation/resources/submitactivity.js">

Hardcoded url at <submitactivity activity="Peer/activitySubmissionsPage" /> raises a 404 error

Thanks for reporting this. Can you please provide more context on where did you get the 404 error as I am unable to replicate it. On the WikiEducator Beta I created a page http://b.wikieducator.org/Peer/activitySubmissionsPage and then placing the tag <submitactivity activity="Peer/activitySubmissionsPage" /> at http://b.wikieducator.org/Peer/submitActivity works for me. The path to the script currently is $wgPeerEvaluationHomedirPath + "/resources/submitactivity.js" where $wgPeerEvaluationHomedirPath is specified at the end of the PeerEvaluation.php file currently. By default $wgPeerEvaluationHomedirPath = "/extensions/PeerEvaluation" --Akash Agarwal 18:40, 18 August 2014 (UTC)

I'm using a mediawiki local instalation where the base url is http://localhost/~lm/mediawiki/ I think you should concatenate $wgScriptPath not only $wgPeerEvaluationHomedirPath --Luis Miguel 07:02, 19 August 2014 (UTC)
Luis Miguel 2014-08-18

When closing an issue, it would be helpful to cite the commit(s) that resolve the issue in the edit summary. (It may also be useful to include the issue number in the commit message.)