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Photo courtesy of Brian Treanor


Learning Objective (4) - The role of destination marketing


Choose one of New Zealand's Regional Tourism Organisations for this activity


1. Identify and list the 4P's of marketing; product, price, place and promotion for Dunedin (put into a matrix) now add the extra 3P's - Process, People, Physical Evidence and provide examples under each heading.

  • 4P's identified and example for each provided

  • extra 3P's identified and an example provided

2. Positioning - how the product/destination fits into the market, what its image is, branding, and who is likely to buy or experience it (key target markets). Is Dunedin a "market leader, challenger, or follower? - explain. What does it have the potential to be? Carry out a SWOT for the destination. What other regional competition does Dunedin have to compete with? What about geographic regions?

  • Image and branding:(adequate description provided)

  • Target market/s (identified)

  • SWOT (completed)

  • other regional/ geographic locations - identified (other regions offering similar products/services which could compete for the target markets)

3. Promotion - Promotion - Compare and contrast Enterprise Dunedin's website with one other RTO (include link) website in New Zealand. Provide examples from each of the websites of what doesn't work well (in your opinion) and then what aspects work better in one website than the other (3) examples

  • comparison and contrast with one other RTO carried out and examples provided as above

  • work correctly referenced...Yes/No


Pass/Resit (date for resubmission)