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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Exploring Tourism

Course Code: TT520001

Lesson Plan

Lecture Delivery Plan:

Aim: Gain understanding of positioning/target market

Lecture Delivery Plan:

1. Look at Millbrook activity - Marketing mix

Go through Wiki look at Marketing strategies (slideshow) then Wanaka video (Mint chicks). Carry on through positioning, asking for examples:

Destination Marketing slideshow

  • 2012 start from here

Milford Sound

Bollywood - promotion for Shotover Canyon Swing and Nomad Safaris


2. Looking at positioning/marketing strategies

Form two groups - look at following and answer questions below:

  • Rotorua Business Plan PDF (filed)

Start on positioning research/analysis - refers to how the product fits into the market, what its image is or will be, and who is likely to buy it.

a. Form groups and start answering the following questions:

  • Who are the visitors and where are they from(provide evidence)
  • Who are the future visitors likely to be?
  • Why would they go to this destination?
  • What will they do (name tourism products generally eg. biking)

b. How is the destination perceived by the market?

  • What are the products and services associated with the resort
  • Carry out a SWOT for each destination - concentrate on opportunities and threats from the external environment
  • provide some statistical data around the growth of the resort

c. Branding/marketing

  • what is the branding?
  • do you think the branding is effective - why? why not?
  • how is the area promoted?

4. Report back

Supporting Resources