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Lesson Plan

In these two sessions we are going to look at the marketing of NZ as a destination and then move down to the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO's) level. Can you tell me what you covered with Phil: ask students to discuss in pairs and then write up on board what they come up with.

  • 7 P's
  • branding/image
  • promotion
  • segments
  • variables
  • demographics
  • target markets

Go to wiki - take students through course outline and then back to marketing section. Complete a PESTEL on New Zealand - get them to look at wiki link (they can do this in pairs again and then put up on matrix (whiteboard)

Address this again after lesson.

Positioning - how the destination is perceived by the market - are we a market leader?, follower, challenger?

Resources on the blog:

Trip Advisors - trip barometer advises that UK and Indian markets are the most keen to visit NZ - After the Royals had been NZ was a top destination for UK travellers

Video from tourist perspective - 4.20m

  • Travel Image

Travel Image Report Print out

  • New Zealand - 3.54

Look at video from each

Why worry about your image?

Two groups read the handout:

  • group one Jan Lockhart and Johathan Loh
  • group two David Karlsson, Lars Mathiasen

Answer above question and report back to class

Activity for next week:

Four segments

  • singles
  • young couples without children
  • families with children
  • over 50's

Lesson 2

Revise what we did for TNZ last week

Role of Tourism NZ Promote NZ through one campaign - 100% Pure (one stop shop) why?


Work with the RTO's

RTO's looking at wiki Identify Wellington


  • Website - whats good about it - in pairs (10 mins to discuss)

website - students can do this in pairs

  • 7P's marketing - use in conjunction with 4Ps slideshow on wiki
  • Identify what is product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Physical Evidence
  • People
  • Process


  • SWOT analysis - forms in pairs (15 mins to complete) then put up on board


Logo - Absolutely Positively Wellington