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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Exploring Tourism

Course Code: TT520001

Lesson Plan

Aim: Wrap Up - by looking at Future Challenges and Responsible Tourism

Lecture Delivery Plan:

Welcome students back- ask how they enjoyed their long weekend and the tour on the cruise ship (highlight from each). Statement of intent reading??

Tourism 2025 industry framework has enabled the creation of a shared vision that seeks to unite New Zealand's large and diverse tourism inustry. The framework maintains a clear focus on economic growth with an aspirational goal to grow the value of international tourism by six per cent per annum through to 2025.

The Tourism 2025 framework is built around five themes;

Air connectivity - around 99 per cent of international visitors arrive by air, international tourism cannot grow without it Targeting for value - as the global landscape chages and New Zealand's visitor mix evolves, we need to identify and pursue the opportuntieis that will deliver the greatest economic benefit e.g. TNZ areas of focus international business events, premium, special interests and emerging markets Visitor experience- Changing visitor mix brings changing visitor expectations. By continously striving to improve our visitor experience, we aim to see visitors staying longer, travelling more widely and spending more Productivity - improving tourism productivity will improve returns from exisitng investments and attract new capital investment Insights - critical to drive strategic and operational decision-making for tourism businesses

Focus of the TNZ strategy is on "increasing the value of tourism" -

How will this be done??

Tourism New Zealand's Strategic priorities;

  • One - Grow a portfolio of markets that drives current opportunities and creates future market positions
  • Two - Drive preference for visiting New Zealand e.g. active considerers
  • Three - focus marketing activity on clearly defined higher value visitor
  • Four - Partner widely to activate conversion and extend marketing reach
  • Five - Optimise delivery capability

Activity - each group to explain a strategy to other groups

1. Perceptions - Tourism New Zealand markets New Zealand to the world under the brand 100% Pure New Zealand. Imagery from the campaign portrays New Zealand as a land of mountains and forest, with beautiful coastlines, abundant wildlife and stunning natural landscapes. For many of our visitors, this is exactly what they experience when they come here on holiday - 99 per cent of our visitors go home satisfied that New Zealand's environment has met their expectations Campaigns

Activity; Five groups explain each of the Tourism framework themes to the rest of the groups

2. Māori have been involved in tourism in New Zealand for more than 100 years, but the last few years have seen a renaissance in the types of Māori tourism products on offer.

From traditional marae and hangi experiences, to more contemporary Māori arts tours or eco-tourism products that integrate Māori beliefs and stories, Māori continue to offer unique, authentic tourism experiences that also help keep their culture alive and improve New Zealand's offering as a tourism destination Maori Tourism

Two values: Kaitiakitanga (guardianship)

3. Whale watch - Casestudy - Activity- 20 minutes

4. Challenges ahead Challenges

Value 2 - Manakitanga (hospitality)

Go over assessment requirements