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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Exploring Tourism

Course Code: TT520001

Lesson Plan

Aim: Roles and Responsibilities of tourism organisations

Lecture Delivery Plan:

(builds team work - help other who are having difficulty)

1. Key travel and tourism organisations:

  • assisting with next assessment - on tourism organisations

2. TIA (Tourism Industry Association)

Main Industry Associations in Tourism sector

Tourism Industry Association facebook Tourism New Zealand facebook

TIA annual report 2014

TIA Association - go through this TIA - Power of the tourism industry

  • Go through to
  • Adventure Tourism review - TIA has been an integral part of the Adventure Tourism and Commercial Outdoor Sector Safety Review called for by the Prime Minister in late 2009 recommendations came from this review but before we look at recommendations in groups of two ask students to find out about tourism accidents from 2013 (10 minutes) report back to class

Tourism review Recommendations:

• establish an industry-led entity to strengthen the safety management framework for the adventure tourism sector

• develop a generic safety guide

• develop additional guidance to better inform operators about their current responsibilities, particularly activity specific guidance

• ensure that better and more consistent information on the adventure tourism sector is collected, and that its collation is improved

Since then - In March 2011 we began a series of 19 nationwide workshops to update operators on the review outcomes

Seven pre-season safety workshops were held with operators to help ensure their operational safety plans were up-to-date, effective and ready for the upcoming 2010-2011 summer season. The workshops were well attended.

Move down TIA report until get to Responsible camping Camping - Camper van issues - dumping of waste - camping anywhere

Porter submission - hand around submission (another role for TIA - supportive of new tourism ventures being proposed by members) supporting development of new ski field - uses outcomes from NZ Tourism Strategy 2015 to argue its claim. (copy in course folder)

Take a look at the TRENDZ site - http://www.trenz.co.nz/trenz/what-is-trenz/

What is TRENDZ - New Zealand’s largest annual international tourism business event. It features New Zealand’s leading providers of visitor accommodation, transport, activities and attractions, as well as destination marketers.

Managed by the Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust on behalf of the Tourism Industry Association (TIA), TRENZ brings together New Zealand tourism businesses (sellers or exhibitors) and buyers from New Zealand’s major and emerging visitor markets who come to purchase accommodation, transport and activities at wholesale rates, and include them in brochures and itineraries for the forthcoming seasons. TRENZ also features a substantial domestic and international media programme.

The event directly helps to grow New Zealand’s $9.3 billion international tourism industry.

Key Facts:

  • TRENZ displays the finest every region in New Zealand has to offer; food, wine, adventure, environment and culture
  • TRENZ is a closed exhibition for tourism operators to reach a focused target audience of key buyers
  • A sophisticated, electronic, pre-scheduled appointment system enables over 15,000 fifteen minute appointments to be booked before TRENZ
  • Over 80 guests from central and local government and allied agencies, and senior business professionals attended the TRENZ VIP Programme in 2010
  • Over 50 local and international media attended the event
  • TRENZ has been held annually since the early 1960s and, in its current format since 1994.

Take a look at the Programme schedule - (from an events perspective)

  • ask students why TRENDZ is important?
  • where was it held last year
  • where will it be held this year
  • Split back into groups and get students to investigate following Industry organisations:
  • Bus and coach association - www.busandcoach.co.nz
  • Mountain Guides Association - www.nzmga
  • NZ Backpacker, Youth and Adventure Tourism Association - www.nzmga.org.nz
  • Travel Agents Association of New Zealand - www.taanz.org.nz

Assessment - Roles and Responsibilities (due March 16)

Go through and explain the assessment and where it fits in the report.

Reading; TNZ Strategy for homework