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Based on NZQA 5941

People credited with this unit standard are able to: describe the use of e-mail; create, send, receive, organise, and save e-mail. A person attempting this unit should have prior knowledge and skills to operate a personal computer, such as those covered by in Demonstrate and apply knowledge of a personal computer system

This unit is used in the following courses

Describe the use of e-mail

  • The advantages and disadvantages of e-mail systems are outlined and compared to other forms of communications.

Range: examples of other forms of communication include but are not limited to - standard mail and telephone.

  • Alternative forms of e-mail are compared.

Range: may include but is not limited to - internal, via Internet Service Provider (ISP) and web based.

  • Ethical issues associated with the use of e-mails are outlined.

Range: viruses, protocol, privacy.

Create e-mail

  • The message header (subject) and content are appropriate to the message purpose, and target audience.
  • The message is addressed to the required recipients.

Range: single and multiple recipients.

  • The message conforms to organisation standards for e-mail.
  • A document is attached to an e-mail message.

Send, receive, organise, and save e-mail

  • Evidence is provided that e-mail messages have been sent to all required recipients.
  • Any other recipients of incoming mail are identified.
  • The contents of incoming e-mail are displayed and printed.

Range: message, attached document.

  • Response to incoming mail is initiated using the reply feature of the e-mail system.
  • File organisation techniques are demonstrated for e-mail messages and attachments.
  • Precautions when sending and receiving mail are observed.

Range: includes but is not limited to - viruses, discussion lists.