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Welcome to PEC School, Ghana on wiki



This is the area where you welcome and invite visitors to your school's OER commons. You can think about how OER aligns with the educational values of your school or a personal message from the principal or local OER team.

You can insert photo of the school or representative image. Please make sure that the image is licensed under an open content license, for example the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) or Share Alike License (CC-BY-SA). We encourage you to use the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand ported licenses. Remember to keep the word count of this intro paragraph down to 150 - 200 words maximum. Fewer words if you plan to use bullet lists which "consume" more space.


Featured project

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This area can be used to profile OER projects your school has developed, or for profiling OER advocates and educators at your school.


News and events

Here you can announce relevant OER news and events, for example:

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Example Intermediate School signs the Cape Town Open Education Declaration affirming our commitment to the educational values of sharing knowledge for the common good.
Example Intermediate School hosts their 2nd Learning4Content professional development workshop. A further 8 teachers join our team of open content developers contributing to New Zealand's OER commons.
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The Board of Trustees of Example Intermediate School adopt a Creative Commons Licensing Policy for teacher created resources.

Blog or discussion list feed

This area can be used for syndicating RSS feeds:

  • If your school has a dedicated blog we can pull in RSS feeds from recent posts.
  • You may want to set up a dedicated Group List for OER related activities at your school and display the feed of recent posts
  • You may want to pull the national NZ commons feed for reference on your School portal page.
  • If you like, we can default to the MLE list on google groups.