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In this page, I introduce an example of a grammar tree of a Spanish sentence (see Discussion). See the algebraic notation of the same tree. Sand Box.

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  • One: Learn the basic structure of a sentence as a base component to express an idea.
  • Two: Translate this knowledge into a specific language, Spanish in this case.


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1: Sentence. A sentence is a basic theoretical construct of the theory of grammar. It defines the type and number of grammatical categories involved in the formation of a single idea, proposition and/or utterance.

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2: Nominal Phrase. A nominal phrase or (NP) is a phrase that associates the grammatical categories of determinant (det) and noun (n), where n is the lexical nucleus or mandatory category.

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3: Verbal Phrase. A verbal phrase or ('VP) is a phrase that associates the grammatical categories of auxiliary verb (aux) and Verbal (verbal), where verbal contains the lexical nucleus verb (v) which can be followed by a complement.

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Substitute the following with different expressions:
  • NP
  • VP

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Open your diccionary and select the letter A:
  1. Find two nouns
    • Place the first one in the first NP
    • Place the second in the second NP
  2. Insert the corresponding art and adj, agreeing in number and gender

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Web Resources

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