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Progress Self-review - Checklist

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The End of Year review meeting

You need to prepare for your End of Year review meeting. It will be a competency based interview. The panel will ask for examples that demonstrate you have specific competencies. You will be able to use your ePortfolio in the interview. The key is to prepare for the interview. To do this you need to find out what the key competencies are for your chosen job. Then make sure that your E-me contains evidence that you have, or have an action plan that will ensure that you will develop, the required competencies. Your evidence/examples must stand up to detailed challenging questions, including about whether there was anything that you learned from the experience.

Work though some of the sample questions given at the end of this document and make sure that you have answers and/or evidence that you could use in the interview. It is important to think about the best format for your evidence. Written evidence is appropriate if you are trying to show that you can write a report or prepare an action plan; photographic evidence is appropriate to something you have designed or created; video evidence is appropriate if you are trying to demonstrate that you can deliver a formal presentation. Think about what you are trying to demonstrate and then think about the most appropriate format – then link it into your ePortfolio.

Information relating to typical competencies for jobs can be found in either the job description, person specification, KUDOS, Careerscape etc.

Link the following information into your ePortfolio


• You have identified the job/career that you want

• You have found out, and listed, the: o key competencies o qualifications o experiences that you will need to get/do the job

• You have looked at the competencies, qualifications and experiences required by the job and have: o identified the key competencies etc that I already have o explained what I am doing to make sure that I develop the competencies that I need, but currently do not have

• You have included evidence, in an appropriate format (written; video, photographic etc) of the competencies, qualifications and experience that the job requires.

You will also need to update your CV so that it provides details of the ‘key competencies’, qualifications and experiences required by your chosen job. This is best placed towards the top of the CV in the Personal Profile section. A statement such as ‘…….. , seeking employment in retail management’. You will need to hand in a copy of your CV prior to your End of Year review meeting. The panel will select questions appropriate to the job/employment area that you have identified.

You should also include evidence for the employability skills:  Able to work effectively as part of a team  Organisational skills  Punctual and able to manage own time  Prepared to take responsibility and to use initiative  Able to think creatively and solve problems  Effective written Communication  Effective face to face communication  Honest, trustworthy, and reliable  Adaptable – ready to learn new skills