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  1. Sensitising people on Hiv?Aids
  2. Peoples awareness on the consequenses of Hiv/Aids
  3. people learn on the methods of disseminating information

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#Performing drama
  1. singing Hiv Songs
  2. Reading books
  3. practice condom use

The Hiv/Aids awareness has really increased tremendously.This is due to the fact that there is really improvement in the ware people are spreading the information.Alot of educators are now using proper means and ways of disseminating information.Below are some of the ways used in the spread of Hiv/Aids information. .use of drama activities .use of books .use of computers through internet .use of teachers and parents .Distribution of condoms

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#Hiv aid awareness has really increased.
  1. people now Know the effects of Hiv.
  2. Much information has bean gathered on the subject matter

This has really helped in full sensitisation and it has increased peoples awreness about the spread and consequences of Hiv aids.