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Below are a list of learning and assessment activities designed for this course. Please include a brief description and general information for each activity.

  • example - please do not delete or edit this example. Create new activities above this example by placing the name of your activity in place of the word "example". Copy the text from the Otago Polytechnic activity template and paste it on your new activity as a template to work into.
Here is an axample image aligned to the right



Activities can be short steps, trying to avoid creating a text, and more sticking to a to-do list with links pointing to texts and other resources

  1. Step 1
  2. step 2
  3. step 3

If there is no avoiding large amounts of information in an activity, break it up with sub headings as so:

Sub activity 1

Sub activity 2

Sub activity 3

Support materials

  • List all the links to resources used in the activity
  • List any other resources that may be useful (further readings, related units or other activities)