Evaluate single-user personal computer applications

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Based on NZQA 5944

People credited with this unit standard are able to: review user requirements for personal computer applications; and identify, evaluate, and make recommendations for a range of personal computer applications. A person doing this unit should have prior knowledge and skills to operate a personal computer, such as those covered by knowledge of a personal computer system.

This unit is used in the following courses

Review user requirements for single-user personal computer applications

  • The review identifies the feasibility of the requirements.
  • The review identifies the relative priority of each requirement.
  • The review produces a set of criteria that allow applications to be evaluated.

Range: fitness for purpose, cost, hardware requirements, software requirements, compatibility, performance, capacity, reliability, ease of use, training requirements, documentation, support.

  • A review procedure is adopted which ensures the final outcome meets user requirements.

Identify single-user personal computer applications for evaluation

Range: at least three applications must be identified.

  • Applications are available to the user.
  • Applications offer a solution to the specified user requirements.
  • The applications identified include commonly available solutions.

Assess single-user personal computer applications

  • The assessment compares the attributes of each application with respect to the evaluation criteria.
  • A summary is provided for each application with respect to the evaluation criteria.

Make recommendations for single-user personal computer applications

performance criteria

  • Explanations provide justification for the recommendations based on the evaluation of the applications and the user requirements.
  • Explanations include the assumptions made in the recommendations.


  • The computer applications evaluated must be of the same type, eg word processor applications, or computer graphics applications.
  • A specification of user requirements for a single-user personal computer application must be provided to the person being assessed against this unit standard.