European History, 1789 - 1970

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The French Revolution (1789): Causes and Effects

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Napoleon Bonaparte and Europe

Vienna Settlement and the Congress System

The Revolutions of 1815 - 1850 in Europe

(a) France, 1830 -1848

(b) Belgium, 1830 - 1839

(c) Austrian Empire, 1848

(d) Prussia, 1848

Unification of Italy

Unification of Germany

The Eastern Question, 1815 - 1878

(a) The Greek War of Independence.

(b) The Syrian Question

(c) The Crimean War

(d) The Congress of Berlin, 1878

Bismarck and the Alliance System

(a) Dreikaiserbund Treaty

(b) The Triple Alliance

(c) Entente Cordiale

(d) The Reinsurance Treaty

(e) The Berlin Conference and the Partition of Africa

(f) The Dual Alliance

World War I: Causes and Effects

The Versailles Settlement and the League of Nations'

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Europe Between the Wars (1918 - 1939)

(a) The Weimar Republic

(b) The Rise of Mussolini

(c) World Depression

(d) The Rise of Hitler

(e) The New Alliance System

Russian Revolutions (1885 and 1917)

World War II: Causes and Effects

The Search for Peace: The U.N. and its Agencies

The Cold War and its Effects

(a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

(b) Warsaw Pact

(c) Non-Alignment

(d) The European Economic Community (EEC)

(e) Detente