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High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is the first holiday in the Jewish calendar. At Rosh Hashana the Jewish celebrat the new year. At the night of Rosh Hashana evrey Jewish family gather around the table and blase the new year and the food. The food that the jewish blase are apple and honey to symbolize a sweet new year, pomegranates are used in many traditions, palm, head of a fish symbolize the head of the year dates, and on the wine. Most of the Jewish people go to the synagogue to pray and listen to the shofar. At the second day of Rosh Hashana lot of people do barbecue and have a good time.

Yom Kippur


Movie review

In my review I am going to write about the last movie I watch. The movie called step-brothers. This movie is on of the best movies I hade ever watch.

Step-brothers is a comedy movie about tow 40 years old adults that still live there parents hoses, and there parents get married. At the beginning they hate each other bat after a will they get on and they start to do crazy stuff together.

This movie is a movie for all the family although it as some rude words. This movie lets us see that even the total enemies can become best friends and succeed together.

In my opinion these is one of the funniest movies and I truly recommend you watch it.


My room at its worse

Usually my room isn't messy but when my mom isn't at home and don't have time to clean it's become massy. Usually my mom clean my room when me and my brother aren't at home and when I am at home I usually help her.

Usually my brother is the reason. He usually throw is clothing on the floor and leaves it to pile up, he also never makes he's bed and leaves he's homework on the table. When he use to be younger he use to take all he's toys out the cupboard and live them all over the place for me to tidy I use to get angry on him because of it.

In conclusion my room is tidy but when it isn't it's usually my brother fault.

Three Wishes

The purpose of this essay is to write about three of my wishes. My name is Jepeto Banini, I am Italian and I am 67 years old. My three wishes are very important for me, because the wishes relate to my life. I am homeless and I live at the street and I am looking for food in the garbage. So my first wish is to have some money to get my self my own apartment and to be able to bay my self real food and not to eat garbage. My second wish is to have a family, because I am alone, I don't have kids, brothers, sisters and no parents. I am alone in sins I am 14 years old. I wish for family because I want to have someone to talk with when I feel miserable and will be interested in what I am doing, and will check if I am all right. My third and last wish is to be yang again. I am 67 years old and I don't lots of bad things in my life, and I want to change it to become a better person. I also want to become yang again because I want to do something important, like help people. I have many whishes but those three wises are the most important.

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