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This glossary is far from complete. We are constantly adding terms.

We want you!

General comments on format

There is no set format for this glossary as the terms come from a wide variety of fields (for example: biology, chemistry, engineering, or sociology). It should probably start with the definition itself -- use the Definition template {{Definition|your definition here}}

Some other recommended sections (where applicable) may be

  • Importance and/or Purpose,
  • Features,
  • Standards and/or Typical values,
  • Example(s),
  • See also (linked to related terms), and
  • Links.

Feel free to reuse information that is available under a CC-By-SA or CC-BY license, such as

When your entry reuses information from another source, be sure to properly attribute that source(s). For an entry showing attribution, see Biosphere.

Instructions for adding of entries

  1. Go to the page listed above corresponding to the first letter of the word
  2. Click on the edit tab and add your entry's name as [[/title/]]<br/><br/>, where title is the name of your entry. Please keep the list alphabetical
  3. Save the page, this will create a red link
  4. Click on the red link, this will bring up a new page
  5. At the top of the page add {{EnvGloss}}{{MyTitle|title}}
  6. Add the rest of the content as you wish
  7. Save the page
  8. Add your entry to any of the relevant subject field pages listed above (here you need to use the whole path, for example [[EnvGloss/S/Some_term|Some term]])

Note that you do not need to add the categories of Ecology and Environment or Environmental Glossary as those will be added automagically.