English Teaching in Japan

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First Grade

Class Activities

  • Showed different animals from a picture book made the children repeat the name of the animal and asked what sound they make in Japanese.


Made the children open their mouth more to be able to pronounce more clearly. Said words with l and r and made them repeat.



Used a picture book with big drawings, Early Morning in the barn by Nancy Tafuri. Showed a picture of a cock and the sound is cook-a-doodle-do also said it was cocorico in French. Chicks ...cheep cheep Turkey Birds tweet Birds chirp chirp Sheep Baa Horse hee Donkey hee haw


Baa Baa Black sheep The tune is the same as a song they know as "Kira, kira Boshii" Shining star. Made sure they could pronounce full, Dame, Lane.


Practiced saying numbers in English


Shook hands and made sure they look up and give the right hand.

Question Time

Useful Sites

From Wikipedia for schools


Early morning in the barn by Nancy Tafuri, Picture Puffins ISBN 0 14050.614 4