English Society Report 2013-2014

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ZEST REPORT, 2013- 14

Orientation Program
The orientation program held on 20th July 2013 brought a curious lot of young, new aspirants at our doorstep. The program kick started with great zeal followed by a useful rendezvous between the faculty, freshers and their parents. A movie capturing all the beautiful memories and candid moments was prepared and projected by the seniors to let the fresh batch have a sneak peek about the department activities.
ZEST Inaugural
An inaugural meeting was held on 14th August, whereby all the students and faculty came together to nominate the ZEST office bearers for the academic session 2013-2014. Shivani Sharma, Rashi Srivastava, Anugya Gupta, Tanvi Sharma and Neha Singh were appointed as the President,Vice President, Secretary and Treasurers respectively. SESSION ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BY ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ This meet was followed by an enlightening workshop conducted by ‘Breakthrough’, a unique global human rights organization that believes human rights begin in our own hearts, homes, and actions. The representatives from Breakthrough screened two very popular video songs created by the NGO itself titled ‘Babul’ and ‘Mann ke Manjeere’ both sung by Shubha Mudgal which portray the reality of domestic violence behind the façade of modern society and how it fractures our psyche. The intense session provided interesting insights into the psyche of the victim and the opressor. The students were later made group presentations based on the session. All this discussion was summarized in the form of bullet points and uploaded on the Facebook group of the Gender Sensitizing Committee in order to ensure a larger impact of the session. This session was a part of an ongoing effort to extend classroom teaching beyond the classroom.
Rapture’13- The Year beginning party
ZEST organized its year beginning party on 1st September 2013. Ethnic/Indian wear was zeroed upon to be the theme for the day. The day kick started with a welcome speech and presentation of various tasks given to the new batch by their senior batch. Next in line were the musical performances by the first and third year students- leaving everybody spell bound. The day was jam-packed with some more events to bring out the hidden talent amongst the freshers and seniors like.
Teachers Day and Jamming Session

On the occasion of Teacher's day, 5th September 2013, ZEST got together to thank the beautiful and ever supportive faculty of the Department of English for being the guiding patrons throughout. Principal, Dr.S.K Garg graced the occasion with his presence. An informal ceremony to accomplish this was conducted by the office bearers with a welcome speech, chit chat session and beautiful songs were sung by some of the students. JAMMING SESSION (ECPDT) conducted by Mr. Ajay Manchanda

The excitement and frolic was followed by a workshop conducted by Ajay Manchanda along with the receptive volunteers for the day to develop an effective instinct through theater. The theme of the session was gender sensitisation and awareness. The jamming session was an ice breaking introductory session for the fresh batch to break free and react to various situations. The emphasis of the workshop was to ponder upon the role of an Individual and the Society in the present social milieu.

Learning Beyond the Classroom
On 31st of January ZEST organised An Interdepartmental Cricket Match in College Grounds. As part of its learning beyond the classroom initiative, ZEST organised an interactive session on managing stress with Dr. Parvez Imam on 7th February, 2014 in the college seminar room.
Who is Afraid of Ides of March
ZEST organised its annual literary festival titled “Who is Afraid of Ides of March” on the 21st of March 2014. The theme for this year’s program was “100 years of Indian Cinema”. The festival hosted an inter college short film contest, a painting competition, an adaptation of the play “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” by the ZEST theatre, a choreography representing various strands in Indian cinematic dance and sports events.
Annual Departmental Trip
ZEST organised a three-day trip to Dalhousie between 28th and 31st of March 2014.