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The Annual Report

Zest the society of English (hons.) embellished the academic year of 2009-2010 with an accomplished plan of action, collaborative art work and a coupe of recreational cum educational excursions. The fiesta of creative studies promised on 14th July 2009 in the orientation programme of the English society successfully defined, expressed and in the process recreated us.

The odyssey, started with a painting workshop by Ms.Alka Mathur and Ms.Renuka on 27th july 2009. It included a few art exercises and a presentation showcasing Ms.Alka Mathur’s fascinating paintings. The official interactive jam session intended to break the ice between the fresher’s and the seniors took place on 31st July 09. The untapped potential and talent of the first year students was evidently realized.

A seminar on Film studies and Career options was conducted by Dr.Nirmalya Samanta, on 3rd August 09, which was followed by a lecture on free and open sources in education on web by Mr.Niyam Bhushan on 5th August. Both the sessions were expressly enlightening and saw good response from the part of students in terms of participation and implementation.

The morning of the 7th day of August saw students brimming with cheer as it marked the official year-beginning party Rapture .While the freshers were welcomed , the whole department celebrated the beginning of a new session. The event turned out to be an all enthralling ‘star-galore’ since students dressed up as Hollywood celebrities let their hair down. Within a week’s time, on 12th august, 2009, a highly interactive session on production of radio documentaries was conducted by Ms. Bosudha Banerjee. Students in groups wrote radio scripts and ‘aired’ them before everyone, not to forget, with interesting sound effects. On fourth September, 2009, ZEST celebrated the Teacher’s Day.

Next came the graffiti. The society of English (hons), Zest had always wanted to create a graffiti wall. The extensively thought idea of graffiti was finally dispatched successfully on 25th sept. Students came up with their candid remarks and scribbled them artistically on the two departmental walls. The wall making a ‘cool- quotient’, stands beautifully leaving the onlookers amazed.

The second term was about festivals , picnics, and visits. A bunch of art-enthusiasts visited Miss. Sarla Chandra’s home on 4th December to witness her awe-inspiring paintings on Indian culture and mythology. The very next day a picnic to Qutub Minar and The Garden of Five senses was organized. On18th December,2009, a group of art enthusiasts visited the Spanish Centre and enjoyed the etchings of Picasso. The same day, the students got a chance to participate in the ongoing function- Books Gone Wild’' , at the British Council Library.

The third term was marked by a five day tour to Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. The journey to the west of the country was not only an exciting experience but also richly enlightening about the indigenous aspects of our country.

The Tour

On 17 February, 2010, the Zest in association with the British council Of india hosted Melvin Burgess, the controversial British author of teenage fiction, who interacted with the students. Besides answering quiries regarding the relatively new genre of the teenage fiction and his literary works, he also read excerpts from his novels. This interactive section was organised under the lecture series, Lit Sutra. [1] On the 24th, Dr. Anand Prakash delivered a lecture on the English Renaissance to the second year students.

All in all the Academic year of 2009-2010 turned out to be a quintessential prototype of an year of literature studies. A combined work of art and many concrete actions done in harmony helped us fulfill the agenda envisaged at the beginning of the session successfully and artistically!