English 1/Performance Task Suggestions

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Suggestions for First Partial

Here the students are seeing the topics of classroom objects, family members, nationalities and introductions.

The suggestions made by the teacher were the following:

  • Presenting a family tree of a famous person and talk about the family members and a short description of each member. It can be immediate family up to extended family.
  • Presenting a country where there are different customs from our own. This can include food, culture, touristic places, customs, etc.
  • A role play of a typical class and presenting classroom objects as well as instructions. One student will be the teacher and others are the students.
  • A role play where people introduce themselves in a new classroom with new classmates and talking a bit about themselves.

Suggestions for Second Partial

Here students were asked only one performance task since the University had they annual English Festival. This was the task:

  • Investigate a famous person from the past and talk about where he/she was from and things that person liked, disliked, cultural aspects among others.
  • Create an altar with the picture of the person, the flag where he/she is from and things that represent this culture as well as what the person liked when he was alive.

Suggestions for the Final Partial

Here the students are seeing the topics of food, work, ocean and solo. These themes are about eating healthy, personalities and jobs that best fit them, acuatic sports and past events. The suggestions are the following:

  • Presenting suggestions in order to be fit. Talking about eating habits.
  •  Having an interview with a career consultant to choose the best career according to personality as well as likes and dislikes.
  • Talking about a past event where they had the best time of their life at the beach, at the mountains, etc.