English1130Winter2012/TedTalk Assignment

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Basic Idea

This assignment requires that you summarize and analyze a talk that interests you from TED. You may choose any talk that you like, but the subject of the talk will become the basis of your research and writing for the rest of the term, so take some care in making your choice. It would be a good idea to pick a talk that has something to do with the educational path you have set out for yourself. 


In a single paragraph, summarize the talk in your own words, starting with the argument of the talk (the point that the speaker is trying to convince us of) and moving through other ideas of the talk in a sequence of descending importance.  Don't add commentary at this point; simply recast the original. 


Discuss what you find most interesting about the talk. 

What about it caught your attention? 

What made you choose it?

How does the speaker use evidence to arrive at his or her conclusion?


The paper must be formatted in MLA style and must include a Works Cited page. Papers not formatted properly will not be graded.

You must make your drafting accessible to me through the sub page of this Wiki, Google Documents, or Drop Box.