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Unit Overview

At this point in the course, you will have a firm understanding of your TedTalk and will be ready to augment that understanding through further research into academic work on the same subject.

You will need to use internet and library resources effectively, so it is important to attend the library session.

What field(s) or discipline(s) does your TedTalk engage with?

It is important to know the distinction between "academic" and "popular" work on a subject.

Academic work is generally produced by someone with a PhD associated with a college or university in journals associated with a college or university.
Popular work is generally produced by journalists or enthusiasts in magazines and newspapers.
It is more than likely that your TedTalk would be considered a "popular" work. However, if you have selected it wisely, it will feed into an area or multiple areas of academic research.

The objective of this unit is to produce an annotated bibliography that summarizes 5 academic sources and shows how they relate to or build upon the TedTalk.

Online Activities for This Unit

Read the following link[1] at OWL at Purdue

Start a running bibliography in Mendeley

Is an annotated bibliography possible?

Summarize on wiki page or Google Doc.

Continuously updated note taking

Internet Research

Conversion of long list of sources into short list.

Annotated Bibliography

5 academic sources, most likely articles

300-500 words on each


Relation to TedTalk

MLA format

alphabetical order by last name of author
Written material under the MLA entry

This unit will probably take two to three weeks. 

Request a library class in week 5. Gear the library class towards digital tools. 

Research through week 6

Annotated Bib by the end of week 7

Two weeks to find materials, one week to put it all together. 

Then week 8 and 9 for amplification paper. 

The whole point here is to set up the annotated bibliography and the amplification paper. 

Students will need time to find, read, and choose their sources. 

Stress the importance of notes and continual summary. 

The writing process here should be recursive. Search/read/write/search...