English1130Winter2012/Research Paper

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This assignment asks that you re-examine you first essay that summarized and analyzed your TED talk in the light of the work that you did for your annotated bibliography. The fundamental question you are trying to answer is how does your research change the way you view your talk. 

You must discuss at least two of the sources that you included in your annotated bibliography as well as the TED talk itself. 

Some Pointers

Differences are more important than similarities. Avoid writing about sources that simply reconfirm what we learn from the talk. The point is to interrogate and challenge the talk. 

Think about sequencing. The order in which you discuss your sources should have a clear logic to it.

You may, indeed must, include material from your first paper. You should consider how you want to edit that material to make it fit its new context. 

Some Rules

As usual, the paper must follow MLA format for presentation and citation

The paper should be 1000 to 1500 words (4 to 6 pages)