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English 1130 007/ 012

Winter 2012

In-Class Essay


Length: About 750 words. (No more than one exam booklet; no fewer than 3 pages.)

Value: 20%

Instructions: Write a manifesto asserting your opinion on what should be done about the subject of your Ted Talk. You should also discuss how and why this action should be acomplished.  A manifesto is a strong statement of a position, and should therefore be aggressive and consistent.

Required Research and Quotation Component: You must find a source with a different approach to the topic to argue against and take issue with one direct quotation from that source. Show how your ideas compete with those in the quotation. The quotation should be substantial enough that it fits the MLA definition of a long quotation and gives you specific details to discuss.  All other words in the manifesto should be your own--no summaries, no paraphrases.

Procedure: You may bring rough work--point-form sentences, logic sketches, ideas--that takes up one side of an 8” x 11” sheet of paper. There should be no complete sentences or paragraphs on the sheet. Think of the sheet of paper as a set of memory prompts to help you write the essay. You should also bring a copy of the article from which you take your quotation; you will hand it in with your final essay with the quotation highlighted. 

You can practice writing the essay in your group's Google Document under your initials. Remember that you do not have to use your name in the Google Document. Your initials are sufficient. 

Other Notes and Requirements: You will have the entire class to write your final draft. Please be mindful that filling the booklet is not the point; it is less important than  clarity, organization, and correctness. You may write in pen or pencil. You should double-space your writing.

Follow MLA format (as close as you can in handwriting) for setting up your paper, framing your quotation and citing references. Note that what would be italicized in wordprocessing is underlined in handwriting. You should include a "Works Cited" section. 

For this paper, no electronic devices (cell-phones, tablets, laptops and the like) will be allowed.

Section 007 will write the paper on Tuesday, February 7

Section 012 will write the paper on Thursday, February 9